“It is easier to lie to someone than for them to admit they’ve been lied to.”

We are coming into some very interesting energy right now and I just wanted to give you a heads up of what is going on and how to navigate through this potentially, very disorienting – yet liberating and exciting time of personal and global change ahead…in particular, around Truth and Freewill.

Nobody likes being lied to, or information that is privy to them being withheld, and more specifically, no-one likes to discover that someone or something they hold close to their heart – or a belief or something they have invested a lot of energy into – isn’t what it seems.

Sometimes it’s just easier to overlook ‘mis-truths’ or our gut feel that something is ‘off’ than to question, confront, or discover the heart-breaking illusion that we have been participating in.

No-one wants to feel like a fool, or to feel left out or ‘different’ because everyone else seems to be buying into an idea that seems incongruent, and our ego definitely does not like being “wrong” in general…and we might even find ourselves ‘fighting-to-the-death’ with certain beliefs we want to be true.

And definitely for those in the transformation, professional development, and spiritual communities, there are many that ignore what they perceive as ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ altogether because it messes with their “good vibes”.

So what does all this have to do with Freewill?


Because Freewill – your ability to make a choice – is influenced by the information you have, and if you cannot see the whole picture, the quality of that choice is impacted, which obviously affects your creative manifesting abilities and goals.

It stalls them. Creates struggle. When you are deliberately not looking into something that you know needs to be addressed – and that includes a ‘hunch’ that despite outer circumstances saying otherwise, something feels incongruent – you are affecting your Freewill in a dysfunctional way, and you start delving into the Shadow aspects of your Soul blueprint qualities.


Destruction MUST happen before creation. Destruction of “old” out-dated programming MUST occur before new creation emerges.

Many of you already know this already, and the quote, “truth shall set you free” is a fundamental element to the destruction-creative process.

So how much Freewill do we have?

100 %

When we choose NOT to do something or ignore a hunch, we are still CHOOSING. Think about that for a moment. There might even be a hunch you are ignoring on a daily basis (e.g. consuming a certain food you know is not good).

When I look for negative karmic patterns within your Soul blueprint, what I am essentially doing is looking for “lies” that you haven’t been able to see or confront and bring it to your conscious awareness. This helps you make informed choices and behavioural changes in your life that TRANSFORM these illusions or ‘mis-truths’ that have been SEPARATING you from your Soul-level qualities and manifesting as lack and struggle in your life.

And much of this programming has come from societal paradigms and ‘evidence-based’ learning structures, so often they are very hard to see. And given the unique nature of each Soul, some of these evidence-based structures might work great for some, but not so well for others.

Leadership is a classic example. Someone whose primary Soul energy centre is “Love” is going to be relationship-focused, someone who is “Power” is going to lead by example, someone who is “Truth” is going to be very direct who ‘suffers no fools”. Three very different ways, yet each will thrive if given the space to do so.

We are coming into an Age of Authenticity where in the coming years, we as a collective are going through a major cleanse! This is what 5th-dimensional consciousness is all about. We are reaching the tipping point where mass population are starting to accessing their 5th-dimensional aspect and start “seeing” things from a whole new perspective.

Of course this is ongoing – but it will also make it easier for others to see and understand and appreciate your light, gifts, uniqueness, and new way of be-ing.

In particular, we are going to to see some major global disclosures of deceptions that many of us have been participating in for some time (as if we haven’t seen enough already!).

Just in the past few months, I am seeing a lot on things like the food pyramid and the (misinformed) role of carbohydrates in our diet, the corruption behind drugs in sport, government censorship, how the pentagon controls much of the Hollywood industry and what ‘messages’ they want the mainstream to hear, mass mind control…stuff thats been going around for a while, but now gaining rapid momentum due to more and more people “seeing” and taking ACTION.

And that summary is barely scratching the surface…

And this also applies to your own personal experience, and the ‘structures’ you have created or participating in your own life.

And while this may seem a little scary…this is all GOOD news, because its breaking down some toxic paradigms that don’t necessarily serve us.

It may become dis-orienting, depending on the degree you have been participating in some of these collective or personal paradigms, but the important thing to realise that the thing that is keeping much of this is place is IGNORANCE.

And Ignorance is just another way of not taking responsibility…and by not taking responsibility for something, we are actually dis-empowering ourselves.

It doesn’t help that much of the information we are fed comes from “trusted” sources, but many of you here now have established a strong connection to your intuition to dig further when something doesn’t feel right. Trust that.

But for many of us, there is “stuff” that we know we have to address. That’s part of expanding consciousness. More consciousness = more responsibly, so while we tune deeper into our Soul gifts, we must also acknowledge and address shadow and dysfunctional we now see, both our personal stuff and that of the collective.

Just this week, I have gone down a rabbit-hole on a particular topic that had been on my radar for sometime but ignored because it just seemed to overwhelming. To my surprise, while at first it was gut-wrenchingly draw-dropping, not only did it explain why certain situations or projects haven’t worked for me over the past few years, it also activated a warrior spirit and torment gifts within me and a new of purpose and perspective.

Many of you have gone through many major transformations in your own personal journey for quite a number of years…and this is an ongoing process as the Soul continues to purge itself to bring in new light, alignment, and creation into to your physical experience…

Knowledge is power and it opens the doors to make choices (through Freewill) that active your Soul qualities rather than its dysfunctional aspects!

And I am not just talking ‘big-ticket’ choices. It starts with everyday moment-by-moment choices that build momentum to prepare you for the big-ticket choices.

Moment-by-moment choices including 100% honesty in communication with others, having integrity, daily action, self-care, apologising where appropriate, taking responsibility for commitments, etc.

So there are several ways you can navigate and flow through this:

What is YOUR truth right now?

• Be open, and willing to be wrong about what you already know.
• Discern information you consume: Is this a disclosure or distraction?
• Eliminate distractions – Your time is important – use it wisely.
• Be unapologetic in your self-expression.
• Share your light with people.
• SUPPORT those who are taking a stand, creating content or service you like. Like, comment, and share those creating content…there’s nothing worse than feeling like you are a lone-ranger when putting your messages out there!
• Stay in your own energy. Think motto: “Not my monkeys, not my circus.”

It’s exciting times.

How much Freewill do we really have?
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