I’ve been thinking about the word Ambition lately, mainly because that’s how I have identified myself for most of my life, and the mere thought of it created an unexpected ‘uneasy’ tension in my body.

Upon reflection, it occurred to me that words like strive, hustle, struggle, and sacrifice came up, all words that go against our natural ability to flow and synchronise with life.

These are also the same words that many people (including myself many years ago) wear with a badge of honour. Many of you have been taught, especially in business and career, that this is what is required for success.

But perhaps there is a better way?

Perhaps a time to consider a re-frame – given more people are conscious and mindful of their choices and how they impact their everyday life?

That word is ALIGNMENT.

While not everyone has the same level of ambition, pretty much everyone wants to be the best version of themselves, which is really just alignment and a sense of wholeness and freedom in their unique self-expression.

Alignment doesn’t mean passive, nor that things are easy. What it means is understanding your own unique gifts, talents, and traits (as well as your dysfunctions), and making choices that compliment these.

Of course, effort is required, and definitely stepping out of your comfort zone in some way (for example, public speaking for those of you who are innate teachers and communicators), and THIS is where true growth occurs and where you get to experience your full expression.

For me, I am a ‘big picture’ person who likes to take the lead on innovating and implementing unconventional ideas. When I get too bogged down in the processes and systems, and/or dilute my messages to fit in with mainstream ideas, it stifles my creative flow, insights, and the clients I attract in my work. It’s not always easy for me to broadcast abstract concepts, but when I do, its when I attract my specific tribe that resonate with my work, and from this experience, I’ve realised it’s not always about the numbers (of followers, likes, etc.), because those who resonate with you will flow straight in and engage straight away.

In today’s Information Age, there is so much “noise”, it can be a challenge to tune in and discern what works for you. There are so many pathways and experts that promise a magic bullet solution, that it has left many people confused, and has taken them away from their intuitive wisdom.

Not everyone is designed to thrive following cookie-cutter ‘best practices’, yet, many still place much emphasis on the advice of experts and gurus in particular fields, despite implementing these and not getting their desired results.

In my work, helping clients discover and master their Soul blueprint profile qualities, everyone is wired very differently. This is why, when some people follow a course of action, they get amazing results, while another, who follows the exact course of action, gets crickets.

Some people thrive in leadership, others for teamwork, others thrive through a high level of interaction, while others are best left alone. Yet, behave according to what ‘experts’ say or what ‘looks good’ and are not tuning in to their unique Soul gifts at all! This creates a lot of struggle and internal conflict because that person is out of integrity with themselves, and over time, this gets exhausting.

What is one innate gift that you are currently not embodying? And by embodying, I mean, through your actions? For example, if you have uncanny common sense, are you participating in practices that are complex or have too many (or unnecessary) ’middle steps’ involved? How might you resolve this today?

Or perhaps you are withholding information because you worry your ‘tell it like it is’ approach might ruffle a few feathers. How might you deliver such a message that it ‘lands’ with your audience?

Or perhaps you are a natural leader and there is something in your life where you wished, “someone needs to do something about that,” what if that someone is you?

The paradox about your Soul gifts is that often they are so innate, that you don’t see them as anything special because you assume everyone is the same, and you may struggle to put a value on them. For example, common sense is surprisingly uncommon, yet, common sense can significantly improve efficiency in any situation!

Alignment is tuning into your star qualities and making the right choices to support these. Why would someone who is Soul-wired to be a leader bog themselves down with being an interactive team player, it’s merely inefficient use of energy and wasting talent!

If you are experiencing struggle, feeling stuck or stagnant, not getting a return on investment for the effort you are putting in, or have hit a brick wall despite your efforts in any of your life (including health – health conditions are big red-flags of persistent misaligned action), there is something out of alignment.

Ask yourself, where am I putting in the most effort and getting the least ROI?

Is Ambition burning you out? Why Less is More…