“Doing the inner work is not easy, but the liberation that emerges as a result of such deep self-inquiry is worth every stinging blow to the ego.” – Lissa Rankin

Surrender is easy when things are going great, you’re flowing, your heart is open, and you manifest like a boss, because you radiate unlimited magnetism. However, when life throws an unexpected event, or if you have simply plateaued due to the monotony of routine and your soul seeks further expansion, that’s when the true test of surrender arises.

So what exactly is surrender? To me, it’s letting go of that energetic grasp of what life “should” look like and having radical faith that the universe has your back, and that the highest outcome will always occur. In other words, knowing that you will be shown the steps to fulfill your soul purpose.

Easier said than done.

Firstly, lets get real. Surrender is an ongoing process of mastery. The more conscious you become, the deeper the inquiry to reach the point of surrender. It’s part of the ebb and flow of life. It’s great to remember this when having to access this infinite place of trust when delving deeper into the unknown.

When we are thrown a curve ball, whether we lose our job or a lucrative client, our partner breaks up with us, or we receive notice of eviction, our fight-flight-freeze response is activated. This is normal, because it’s our brilliantly attuned survival mechanism. However, as highly conscious individuals, we really have to honour this primitive human aspect, because we often think that we should be ‘above all that’, and we become hard on ourselves for responding this way. What we really need to do is look within and thank those parts of our being – whether it’s our inner child, our shadow, or our grasping ego – for simply wanting to protect us. We need to send love to those parts of ourselves and give it its dignity, even as simple as saying, “I love you, I hear you…thank you for protecting me.” Sit with this fight-flight-freeze response, feel it in your body, and send it love and light, and just allow it to be.

When we experience unexpected upheaval, it’s the universe’s way of saying, “okay…off you go!” Often we have requested growth or change, but have remained in outdated situations that no longer serve us. Knowing this helps approach your situation a little more detached, which is one of the components of true surrender.

Perhaps your life has plateaued, and you seek to experience more of yourself, maybe something completely different, but have completely no idea exactly what, let alone how to get there! This calls for deep surrender, because often the solution is beyond what your rational mind could even fathom, and this is a phenomenon a lot of highly conscious people are experiencing right now.

While many have shed and healed much of their lifetime of wounds, limiting beliefs, and programming, many are gaining greater soul level awareness and noticing where they have been misaligned. Not only that, many are gaining greater awareness to their upper dimensional aspects and are receiving more intuitive information than ever before, but not exactly knowing what to do with it. And to be honest, this is new territory for human consciousness in general, with many people just blindly navigating into the unknown, and really having to let go of any preconceived beliefs of what’s possible. It’s important to be okay with this, even if you are slightly terrified!

Either way, there is always an element of inner enquiry and we just have to come to accept this, because we are always evolving, and surrender helps us flow with the energy.

It’s also important to recognise that we have more choices than ever before, even from two years ago let alone ten! Who would have thought that you could set up a thriving home based global online business in as little as two months with pretty much no set up costs a few years back?

“The good news is that we have our freedom. The bad news is that we have our freedom.” Jim Self – Mastering Alchemy

However, with so many easily accessible resources, this has also created overwhelm for many, which can effect our ability to truly surrender when we have so much information clutter in our energy field. Discernment becomes important. We have to become more intentional with what we want to create – which is a little difficult when we don’t exactly know what that is! However, exact details are not necessary. We simply focus on the energetic experience we want, and simply intend, “this or something better.” The fact that you have a desire for a particular experience, no matter how different it looks from your current life, means that there is an energetic match for it available. Surrender invites the alignment.

Two of my favourite surrender exercises are mindfulness and synchronicity. Mindfulness, intense presence, or the zero point, is your most powerful point of creation. Observing your environment from a detached perspective in the now moment not only expands your level of awareness, but it puts you in a state of choice, which makes it easier to discern and take inspired action.

Noticing synchronicities reminds us of the magic of infinite intelligence of ‘divine source’ and that you are in the flow. If you are not noticing synchronicities, mindfulness helps, however, you can invoke synchronicity by tracking them back. What are the string of events that brought you to this article? This site? What led you to your current job? Or partner?

Even more powerful, next time you are at a sporting event, music concert, a yoga class, or even an online closed Facebook group…be curious…what brought everyone to this very place on this very day? Perhaps once person came through word of mouth, another might have seen a flyer in café that they went to for the first time ever…the possibilities are limitless, and doing this is a great reminder how infinitely creative the universe really is!

Regardless of what you do to get yourself into a state of surrender, it’s always a choice, moment by moment. Be disciplined, yet honour yourself in every moment.

Mastering Surrender – An Ongoing Process
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