Are you ready to consider an innovative approach to health and wellbeing?

This applies to ALL health conditions. From life-threatening chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune and neurological conditions, to everyday ‘manageable’ conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and other gut-related issues, fatigue-related conditions, thyroid issues, chronic joint pain, etc. (this includes mental health, but will address this in more detail in a future post).

Much of western medicine addresses dis-ease at the third-dimensional “physical” level, the fourth-dimensional “mental” level, and the “emotional” level (that sits between our third and fourth-dimensional aspect).

However…this only takes you so far.

At our fifth-dimensional aspect – our quantum or “spiritual self”, which is where our Soul blueprint resides – if we have karmic patterns that are negatively affecting us… i.e. choices that we have made in our Souls timeline that NEGATES us that are still affecting us today (often unconsciously), this LIMITS our access to divine source energy, which affects our third and fourth-dimensional aspects, which eventually creates “dis-ease”.

In other words, unresolved karmic patterns restrict access to divine source energy which is what ANIMATES us!

Addressing the physical symptoms only goes so far, without a holistic and integrative approach that addresses symptoms at other dimensional levels of our being.

Working with the Soul blueprint, and many energy healing modalities helps shift these patterns in a non-invasive and effective manner, which also compliments other interventions to help resolve any condition.

And I can speak through experience, both through working with the Soul blueprint with my clients, and my journey.

To give you a personal example, the primary issue I have dealt with all my life is ongoing bloating, flatulence, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and related stomach conditions.

While I had spent much of my teens and adult life addressing this at the physical (‘clean’ nutrition, exercise, using toxic-free products, etc.) and mental (affirmations, positive mindset, managing low level but constant anxiety), it wasn’t until I delved deeper into energy and quantum (Soul) healing that these symptoms started to shift permanently.

Not surprisingly, many of my ‘issues’ were based around my third chakra. This chakra is an energy vortex within the body between the naval and heart, which corresponds with self-esteem, motivation, and goals.

Now energy clearing work is just one aspect of resolving this. The second part is discovering “how” it got there in the first place (root cause), then making NEW choices that ALIGN with who you are at Soul level.

In other words, healing MUST be addressed at the physical, emotional, mental AND spiritual level for it to be sustainable.

For me, I traced these issues back to a past lifetime of being humiliated, ridiculed and rejected by my own family for stepping into my Soul gifts and power as a young woman that went against ‘societal norms’, and as a result, chose to “act normal” and obey my ‘tribe’. So in this lifetime, these old feelings of anxiety, humiliation and rejection re-surfaced every time I took action that went outside ‘societal norms’ (which was all the time!!!), and hence, I spent a lot of time doing things “behind-the-scenes” where no-one would bother me.

Nowadays, I seldom have gut issues, to the point that I can even digest things like wheat very well – something which I had cut out for much of my adult life!

Now for some of you, this may seem like an abstract concept, but we are already seeing modalities like emotional freedom technique (EFT, also known as tapping) becoming an evidence-based modality and incorporated successfully into western medicine, enabling doctors to deal directly with the physical issue and witnessing a quicker recovery.

Addressing our fifth-dimensional “Soul” aspect is innovative and offers a new possibility of restoring health and wellbeing more efficiently. I have seen first-hand through my work children with autism who suddenly talk and display calmer behaviours after only ONE consultation with me, that years of western medicine and behavioural change interventions has not been able to achieve.

This multidimensional approach also helps reclaim inner authority and genuinely empowers the individual.

Are you open to the possibility?

Multidimensional approach to DIS-EASE