‘Mindfulness’ and ‘high-conscious’ are becoming popular buzz-words these days, but does anyone understand what this really means outside of doing yoga, meditation, or consuming green smoothies? Or know how to actually apply this in their every day lives?

Mindfulness is the practice of becoming the detached observer ‘in-the-present-moment’ of your thoughts/emotions/intuition. It’s a powerful tool to help you approach situations from a state of choice, rather than reaction.

It also helps you understand and integrate your multidimensional aspect:

• intuition/higher-self (fifth-dimensional);
• mind/ego (fourth-dimensional);
• emotions (between your third & fourth-dimensional aspect);
• to take appropriate action (third dimensional) towards your intended outcomes.

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“Consciousness” is your level of self-awareness and how you interact with your environment. Mindfulness complements this process by helping you make congruent choices towards your goals.

Then why are so many people, despite striving to “better” themselves, either through ongoing leadership and professional training or through their personal or spiritual development path, feeling more overwhelmed, scattered, burnt out, struggle to focus or get in the “zone,” and quite simply, feeling “fried” than ever before?

Two reasons:

1. We are overloaded with “information” 24/7.
2. We have more choices available to us than ever before; therefore, if you are not razor-focused on your intentions, you create a hot mess.

Firstly, I’m briefly going to cover the first point by referencing an article by Dr. Lucia Kelleher, a subject matter expert on Busy Brain Syndrome.

This phenomenon promises to be a hot topic in the coming years.

Secondly, as we expand our consciousness, we become more aware of the many new choices available to us. This, coupled with the fact that technology and societal shifts of many outdated paradigms, have left us with an infinite amount of choices compared to even 10 years ago!

If we aren’t razor-focused with our intentions, we may very easily create a substantial mess and produce absolutely no results!

When describing “expanding” consciousness, I like to use the analogy of a computer.

If you only know how to use Word and Excel, you can create some very polished quality documents. You create this efficiently because you ONLY have these options.

However, if you also know how to use PowerPoint, InDesign, and maybe even the Adobe suite, you can create even better documents.

HOWEVER, if you are also proficient in specialist programs, you can create “out-of-this-world” content because you have so many options…BUT…you could very easily waste A LOT of time figuring out which “tools” to use, or worse still, create something with a lot of bells and whistles but highly impractical and expensive if focused intent is not maintained.

And, when you are overloaded with information, no matter how much you practice mindfulness, you will compromise focus.

Balance, discipline, and behavioural change is essential to create the focused intentionally required as we expand our consciousness. We also have to become more discerning what information we interact.

Navigating your “Mind” through the Information Age