What IS the Soul blueprint?

This is your divine self beyond your ego, mind, and personality. It’s your unique code to abundance.

The Soul blueprint contains the energetic qualities of HOW your Soul was made by the “Creator” and by reflecting these qualities into your human experience, you attract abundance, harmony, and flow, because you are in energetic resonance.

Your Soul blueprint also includes your soul origin or ‘home’ where your soul has spent most of its time and is most vibrationally resonate with and embody these ‘extraterrestrial traits’ (often referred to as Starseed or Star-travellers souls).

Most people are out of alignment in some way. If you are experiencing lack or struggle in any area of your life (e.g. health, finances, relationships, etc.), you are out of alignment. Even persistent health issues or being ‘time poor’ – regardless of your income – is LACK.

Because every Soul blueprint is unique, out of all the available choices at any given moment, only less than 10 per cent are in alignment with your Soul blueprint qualities. No wonder studies have shown that over 90 per cent of people do not achieve their New Year’s resolutions!

This is also why you might be flat-out getting nowhere despite diligently following ‘best practices’. I see this a lot, particularly in business and health.

And even if you are achieving goals, you might be putting more effort into them than needed. What if there was a more efficient way? Would being more efficient give rise to set new and bigger goals?

But there’s another layer to all of this…

Negative karmic patterns.

These are simply “blind spots” that sit just outside of your conscious awareness that is limiting your full self-expression. They are deep ingrained patterns in your psyche that limit your ability to ‘see’ the bigger picture and act as a clutch. You recognise them in your experience through repeating patterns (e.g. attracting the same type of romantic partner, unable to break through a certain income bracket, or under a certain weight, or you self-sabotage at a certain level of success, etc.). Over time, this can get very frustrating!!!

But why waste your time for potentially YEARS via trial-and-error to figure these out when you can get from A to B more efficiently, simply by following your unique code? And by expanding your field of perception and conscious awareness to new and exciting possibilities?