Don’t be fooled by the title and click out because it doesn’t seem ‘high vibe’…in fact, it might just be that nugget of wisdom needed to tip you over towards deeper insight…

You have probably noticed that I have been banging on a lot recently about this new energy paradigm – The Age of Wisdom… ?

One theme that is prevalent right now is recognising what’s “Not Workable” – those things that you did that USED to work magnificently and effortlessly – but now don’t, and you’re banging your head against the wall wondering…WHY?!?! ???‍♀️

Have you noticed? You might even be scrounging around the Internet to look for answers, or for that next new thing you MUST learn…but what if it’s already within?

Whether we like it or not, we are being called right now to anchor deeper our inner authority…not just as a personal development or spiritual concept, but have this reflected in our physical world as a powerful conscious creator producing tangible results that are sustainable and affirming (i.e. creating abundance).

Many of you have been playing around with fifth dimensional consciousness for a while, but it’s time to ditch the training wheels and take this to a new level. Not only are we raising our Soul Vibration Rate (which I explain in my eBook; Purity Consciousness – The Age of Wisdom, which you may download free from my website by subscribing), the energy of the collective consciousness has changed significantly over the past 6 months, most notably, it has become a lot quicker and dynamic.

Here’s a few things I’ve noticed:

• Connecting to your higher-self, inner-being, intuition, and extrasensory abilities is less mechanical and more embodied and instantaneous. If you’re a person who goes through a ‘process’ to obtain insights, decode information, even healers and coaches who work one-on-one with clients, this may infact be slowing you down.

• Transformation tools (e.g. mindfulness, meditation, energy healing, affirmations, journalling, etc.) become less effective without implementation to create a tangible shift in your life.

• “Efforting” – trying to force a result, whether through your actions or hyper-focus on mindset or energy practices, creates a resistance of sorts, and stalls your progress.

• Any dependance on others for your mastery, happiness, or healing, including people you see professionally and teachers you learn your craft, might be messing with your confidence and authentic self-expression. Yes, these people are important, but they are your guideposts to help you cultivate YOUR INNER AUTHORITY, not dictate it! Clue to dependance: Ask yourself, “If [healer/teacher/mentor/romantic partner/parent] were to die tomorrow…would I freak out that I cannot live the life I want?”

• Focused intent becomes critical and self-discipline is ESSENTIAL. We are more ‘conscious’, which means we have more information, options, and opportunities available to us…if we are not clear in what we want to create, we become overwhelmed with choice and may never get started. This also applies when connecting to your own intuition seeking inner guidance – vague questions get vague answers and creates confusion.

You are ‘on’ 24/7 – be open and flexible and enjoy life!

Karma is a 24/7 experience, whether you care to acknowledge it or not! Many explore the self-mastery path when they are in times of transition, uncertainty, feeling unfulfilled, or stagnancy, then once they get what they want, go back to ‘normal life.’ But for those of you who have been on this path for a while, know this is not the case! This is a lifetime experience and this whole idea of personal development is being redefined as a dynamic fun creative experience rather than a relentless healing process to ‘get to the other side.’

Anchoring your inner authority requires you to hit the RESET button – OFTEN! What do I mean by this? Dropping everything you think you know and being prepared to ‘not know’ everything, and more so, being ‘wrong’ about anything you think you know. Nothing is more freeing and liberating to cultivate this attitude.

It reminds me of the quote, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Many of us have spent a lot of money, time and effort learning, studying, or advocating ideas and belief systems that have sustained us for a period of time…so they can be difficult to examine or give up, but what if they are no longer relevant to you? What if these ideologies are actually stalling you in an area of your life?

I know for myself, I completed a Masters degree nearly 8 years ago that cost $20K that I haven’t used (and quite frankly, like many degrees, becomes out-dated 6 months after completion because of the rapid movement of trends of a particular industry) purely because I was locked into this idea of degrees = prestige and success PLUS my ego wanted to feel productive and feel like I was moving forward during a time of transition…a damn expensive exercise to ‘feel good’ hey!

Even with my current work, I am refining what I (think I) know all the time, and instead of seeing it as a threat to my intelligence as I used to, I approach it as a fun progression to my evolving experience.

What is no longer workable in your life? And do you trust yourself that YOU DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to create what you want, independently?

Not Workable – Ditching the Old Paradigm