The Golden Age seems like such a far far away mystical place, but what if it were closer than you think?

That it can start today?

Being impeccable with divine self-expression may seem selfish or self-absorbed when observed by others. It may leave us second-guessing ourselves because sometimes our choices look very different from societal norms and expectations!

I get this all the time, and I know many of you do as well. People judging you for going against the status quo or projecting their opinions of what they think you should and shouldn’t do. As if they know your path better than you!

And particularly in times of transition where we are vulnerable to second-guessing ourselves, this is where we must go within. Summon the trust in our inner guidance system and follow our inner spark to help us move forward.

When we connect and ACT from our inner divine – our Soul blueprint qualities – we are connecting to the divine oneness of creation.

So while it might seem selfish to make choices to create a life that positively serves your divine self-expression – you are ENHANCING everything and everyone around it. This way of being is not selfish at all; it’s the very opposite!

The only reason it seems selfish is that it triggers co-dependant energetic agreements, illusions, and limiting beliefs and programming in others. It’s often inconvenient for them in some way.

Developing the fortitude to make positive choices for ourselves no matter what others think, to me, is more a spiritual practice than anything else.

There are many students of personal development and spirituality that are stuck and not creating the results they want. They are so engaged and fixated with information, learning, psycho-analysis, and exploring their inner world that there is a disproportionate level of implementation. Therefore, do not create the day-to-day sustainable shifts they want.

Most people – regardless of how “evolved” they (think!) are – do not create high levels of freedom of choice for themselves. This paradox then turns into an excess mindset and spiritual practices to tolerate and soothe – a phenomenon that is becoming more and more apparent.

To align your physical world to reflect your divine self-expression, no matter what others think of you – takes practice!

Some of you have Soul blueprint qualities that ‘go against’ societal norms. This anomaly can have you feeling like you are doing the one-step-forward-one-step-back dance for a very long time.

For example, those of you, especially females, whose Soul energy centre is divine Power (this is also mine) – which contain the qualities of leadership, independence, and freedom – are often judged as ‘non-committal’ ‘selfish’ ‘closed off’ ‘a wanderer’ ‘doing too much’, sometimes even too direct and ruthless…but these statements are more about the people making them as these Souls are designed to lead by example because they are naturally dynamic, need their own space, and are risk-averse, and this is where they thrive, by paving the way for others.

And each Soul blueprint has its own set of characteristics which can attract judgment from others. Leave it over with them. Once you start acting from these unique qualities, you call in a divine force that supports these qualities further and invite others to do the same.

Although it might not seem like it if you tune into mainstream media, we ARE entering a Golden Age. And we are the front-runners of this transition into the new paradigm.

We do this through ALIGNMENT.

Devotion to thy-self and self-love is the pathway to divine fulfilment.

Practising Congruency…The Key To The Golden Age
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