Alchemising Self-Sabotage


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Alchemising Self-Sabotage is a 4 x 60 minute consult package.

Self sabotage has long plagued human behaviour and has many forms of expression, but one poorly understood mechanism of self-sabotage is that it’s role is PROTECTIVE.

Meaning that it SERVES you in some way, well, at least during the time it was first created – usually very young.

The only problem is that when you no longer “need” it, we are already engrained in certain patterns of choice that end up holding us back.

One component of self-sabotage that is particularly stubborn and often goes undetected is your Inner Rejector.

It acts an inverted advocate that keeps you “safe”, but the problem is, when left unaddressed, can be very crippling for a spiritually conscious person.

What it does is that it keeps you in a certain bandwidth existence in of a particular life area that is deems “safe”, whether love, career, wealth, or success.

If there is a soul or divine gift that is seen as a threat, your Inner Rejector will keep it contained. You have trouble embodying your true worth and often struggle with “true desire” goals.

And interestingly, it tends to be more pronounced in driven and ambitious-minded people because self-sabotage behaviours look quite productive (such as accumulating degrees, status, etc.) leading to a lot of success!

WHY? Because that self-sabotage aspect is that HYPER-RESPONSIBLE part of you!

However, it eventually becomes a handbrake AND it gets exhausting – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

WHY? Because Law of Polarity exists – which means there’s an equal-opposite, often hidden IRRESPONSIBLE part of you sitting in your blindspot that, well, often shows up unannounced in your behaviours in a highly dysfunctional way.

Not only does this negatively impact your inner dialogue, the resultant angst impacts your vibrational state, making it a challenge to manifest your desired results in your life.

The problem is that most people address self-sabotage the wrong way.

And in fact, there are certain spiritual and personal mastery tools many jump to that actually make it WORSE.

Locking you further into the dynamic.

In Alchemising Self-Sabotage, we address those blindspots within your psyche AND the resultant behaviours from which you are REALLY manifesting from – to help you resolve this conflict so that you can powerfully and consciously create the type of life you want from “You”.

I have come up with a 4-step process to help you ALCHEMISE this part of you in a productive and functional way that also ENHANCES your creative potential.

Alchemising Self-Sabotage consists of:

• 4 x 60 minutes consultations conducted over 4 consecutive weeks via Zoom.
• Focus on one specific goal that has eluded you, despite your best efforts, whether the next progression of your career or income level, finding love, getting down to your ideal weight, or breaking a certain run time.
• Hone in on the origin of your Inner Rejector and the resultant self-sabotage behaviours.
• Strategies to “alchemise” your Inner Rejector so it’s no longer running the show from your shadow.
• Guidance and support to make real-life adjustments to help “collapse” the Inner Rejector.

Key Benefits:

• Reclaim a sense of wholeness, freedom and inner harmony.
• A more balanced nervous system – no longer ‘fuelled’ by the cocktail of emotions or nervous energy that has dictated your automated actions.
• Expanded perceptual awareness – dissolving ‘blindspots’ helps you see what was not previously apparent.
• New possibilities beyond your current bandwidth of existence opens up.

What you must bring to the table are:

• Embracing you are 100 per cent responsible for creating your own experience.
• Willingness to get out of your comfort zone, whether through your actions (for outer shifts), or addressing distortions and “inconvenient truths” (for inner shifts).

If you would like further information or to arrange a 30-minute chat, please reach me via CONTACT.

Once payment is received, you will receive a booking link for your first consultation within 24 hours of purchase.

FOR NEW CLIENTS ONLY: If you have never worked with me before, we will overview your Soul Vibrational Qualities during the third or forth session because quite often, we can be at odds with our Soul Vibrational Qualities if they are different from how we were brought up, societal norms or cultural conditioning.

Please note, if for whatever reason I am unable to access your soul blueprint, I will notify you and give you a full refund. Please refer to Terms and Conditions to review Refund Policy and Cancellations.

Thank you…and I look forward to working with you!