Custom Packages



It is not uncommon for my clients to want to a) work with me longer-term towards a specific outcome, or b) know who the rest of their family are at Soul level, including their significant other and/or their kids (and receiving this type of work for your entire family can have a profoundly positive impact on your family dynamics).

If you would like to work with me longer-term than what my current services offer, please email me at If you are new to my work, I highly recommend at least having one consultation with me (e.g. Soul Blueprint Plunge) to get a taste of my work and we can discuss further during this consult.

For those exploring a custom package for your family, as a parent responsible for the choices of your child(ren), knowing who they are at Soul level can help you nurture their upbringing that reflects their divine gifts. Some children are wildly independent and thrive on the space to make their own choices (that are age-appropriate), while others thrive by being the centre of attention. Some children are happy hermits and love their own space, while others may come across as being ‘clingy’ because they love being around people and cultivating relationships.

Further, for parents who initially come to me because their child has autism, or a behavioural or chronic health condition, while my work has a profound impact on the child, it significantly further serves the child if the parent/s also delve into and realign to their Soul blueprint.

This work also has a big impact on romantic relationships. Often the biggest challenge with my entrepreneur clients (or anyone stepping into their divine self-expression in a big way), is that when their business starts succeeding, their relationship starts to suffer. Getting “conscious” of the underlying co-dependency patterns that may exist as well as a deeper understanding of each others Soul blueprint and how they are designed to thrive, not only offers a powerful way for both people up-level in their self-expression and the results they create, it offers a deep transformation in intimacy and connection in the relationship.

I can tailor a package to suit your specific needs.

If you would like more information and an estimated investment, please email