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Have you noticed that following any type of transformation work, whether you attend a weekend workshop, get an energy healing session, have consistently participated in meditation, mindfulness or Yoga for a few months, got a job promotion or raise, or attained a major goal…that your home feels a little “off”?

And still does no matter how much you de-clutter, smudge sage, or any other attempt to shift the energy?

Each property has its own energetic blueprint. We are attracted to properties that are vibrationally aligned to us and when you transform and shift your vibrational state, your property is no longer in alignment with you.

I perform energetic re-alignment of properties within this blueprint and clear any negative energetic influences that are contained within the property and are effecting you, the inhabitant.

I have cleared properties where suddenly, my clients children can finally sleep throughout the night, and/or they finally feel a sense of calm and peace that they have never been able to achieve, and/or, they have started spending time in areas of their home/yard that they had avoided for no logical reason.

The Property Clearing is an email report of the overall findings of “negative influences” within your property. I also CLEAR these within your property’s blueprint.

You must be the owner/energetic owner (i.e. if you are renting) of the property. In other words, I do not have authority to clear your workplace (unless you own the building!) or somewhere you frequent like your local gym etc.

NB: This is part of my Soul Mastery Triad package, if you are considering this.

Once payment is received, you will receive an email requesting further information within 24 hours.

Thank-you…and I look forward to working with you!

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