Soul Blueprint Profile Report

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What if there is MUCH MORE to you than what you realise…that you are already INFINITELY abundant, rich with ancient wisdom?

What if you could achieve your goals in a much more efficient and fulfilling way, simply by expressing your Soul’s unique qualities?

Did you know that you have a Soul blueprint rich with information about your divine gifts, talents, and qualities?

The Soul Blueprint Profile Report outlines who you are at Soul level, and this information is vital to helping you make aligned choices towards your goals, which helps you create more flow, fulfilment, and abundance, because you become vibrationally resonant. This takes self-mastery to the next level!

The Soul Blueprint Profile Report includes:

• Focus on a Goal: Any area of your life, romance, career, health, etc.
• Probability of Success: Based on your current actions.
• Soul “personality” Profile: Your unique gifts, talents, specialisations, and day-to-day operating system in which you are designed to thrive.
• Soul Vibration Rate: A measure of your level of conscious awareness.
• Manifesting Magnetism: A measure of your ‘Law of Attraction’ energy signature.
• Karmic Tripping Point: That ONE major negative karmic influence that is thwarting your said goal.
• Soul Contraindications: Uncover and CLEAR any masking techniques your Soul maybe using to “hide” its true identity.


We have a peek at your Soul’s unique manifesting blueprint. You will discover:

• Are you wired to create most effectively via the “journey” or the “destination”?
• Do you experience yourself most abundantly via your “inner” or “outer” world.

Who might like this?

• Those who are curious about who they are at Soul level and are seeking clarity about their Soul gifts.
• Those who would like to receive a Soul-perspective ‘snapshot’ of their progress towards a goal.
• Those who may already be working with other practitioners and this information serves to compliment the work you are already doing.
• You would like a taste for my work before before committing to longer term work with me.
• You know someone who is committed to their self-mastery and you would like to offer this as a gift.
• You would love to know your child(ren’s) Soul gifts, or your family or romantic partner (with their permission).

NB: For children 12 and under, you may consider the Junior Soul Discovery Report.

Once payment is received, I will send you an email within 24 hours requesting further information. Current processing time for receiving your Soul Blueprint Profile Report is within 5 business days after I receive this additional information.

Please note, if for whatever reason I am unable to access your Soul record, I will notify you and give you a full refund.

If you would like to offer this as a Gift, you may add a message in the notes section during payment, respond to the email that you will be sent following payment, or email

Please Note: This does not include the full identification of negative karmic patterns, the Soul-level Akashic records clearing, or Soul-aligned strategy action points in relation to a goal, that I offer in my 1:1 consultations. If you would like to receive this, you may consider the Soul Blueprint Analysis or any of my packages.

Thank-you…and I look forward to connecting with you!

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