Soul Blueprint Profile Report

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Discover who you are at Soul level – that divine force beyond your thoughts, feelings, and physical body – to help you make aligned choices towards your goals and create more flow, fulfilment, and abundance in your life.

This report also includes your soul origin or ‘home’ where your soul has spent most of its time and is most vibrationally resonate with and embody these ‘extraterrestrial traits’ (often referred to as Starseed or Star-travellers souls).

The Soul Blueprint Profile Report (>25 pages) includes:

• Soul “personality” Profile: Your Soul origin, unique gifts, traits and specialisations you are designed to thrive.
• Discover your Soul group.
• Soul dysfunctions: Your shadows aspects that you are prone to.
• Karmic Tripping Point: That ONE major negative karmic influence or ‘hand-brake’ that is impacting your life.
• Dormant Karmic Skill: That ONE skill that you have proficiency in that is currently lying dormant that would benefit your life right now.
• Soul Contraindications: Uncover and CLEAR any masking techniques your Soul might use to “hide” its true identity.

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