Soul Realignment for BUSINESS


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The Soul Realignment for BUSINESS is a 6 x 60 minute consult package conducted twice weekly over 3 consecutive weeks focused on realigning and up-leveling your business.

Did you know that your business is an energetic entity?

And that it has an inherent energy flow that creates a successful business?

From your contributors, products and services, systems and operations, marketing and sales, right down to your customers…

If there is a misalignment within this flow, it disrupts your flow of money.

Your business has its own Akashic Record, and we can dive right in to pinpoint any misalignments to this flow that are in the way of achieving your income goals.

If you want to up-level your income… we look at the probability of success of your income goal based on your current actions and what new action and strategy you need to take.

And for business owners just starting out, we also look at a “possibility” analysis of your current ideas and strategies in relation to your income goals to determine the most aligned path.

And while I do perform energetic clearing work, this also allows you to take actionable steps to address imbalances at a practical level, whether it’s to simplify systems, clarify miscommunications with employees or collaborators, marketing that is falling flat, or even incongruencies in services you provide.

But it doesn’t stop there. One of the biggest fears in business is security and stability. I walk you through a practice called “polarity quadrants”, a productive tool to help you create income stability (that we often seek from 9 to 5 employment) in a much more predictable way AND also use to up-level your income.

The Soul Realignment for BUSINESS consists of:

• 6 x 60 minute consultations conducted twice weekly over 3 consecutive weeks via Zoom.
• Conduct an Energetic Set-Up to help you energetically ATTUNE to the longer term goals for your business.
• Actionable guidance towards your business.
• Email support during consultation period.

Key Benefits:

✨ Create or up level your business.
✨ Probability of Success for your income goals based on your current choices.*
✨ Identify and address misalignments.
✨ Re-establish flow if you have been stagnant or at the same income for a long time.
✨ Clarity of your income bandwidth and how you create it.*
✨ If you are just about to start or are currently growing your business, this can save you a lot of time filtering out misaligned and unnecessary action!

* Please note that we can still do this work if you do not feel comfortable sharing your income, but you still need to put the numbers together for the consults.

This is an IMPLEMENTATION process where you have to examine your business and current systems, therefore, I recommend at least an additional 5 to 10 hours per week to collect data and implement new processes. This is a great opportunity to audit and overhaul your business, except you also get specific insight of energy leaks as opportunities to incorporate more efficient processes that reflect who you are at soul-level.

What you must bring to the table are:

• Embracing you are 100 per cent responsible for creating your own experience.
• Action and implementation to make the necessary adjustments to your business.
• Willingness to get out of your comfort zone, whether through your actions (for outer shifts), or addressing distortions and “inconvenient truths” (for inner shifts).

Please note that if you have never worked with me before, our first consult will be conducted the same as all of my initial consults as it’s very difficult to get clear on your business direction and upleveling without knowing who you are at soul level.

If you would like further information, you may request a 30-minute chat via CONTACT.

Once payment is received, you will receive a booking link for your first consultation within 24 hours of purchase.

Please note, if for whatever reason I am unable to access your soul blueprint, I will notify you and give you a full refund. Please refer to Terms and Conditions to review Refund Policy and Cancellations.

Thank you…and I look forward to working with you!

For those curious about how distance healing works, check out: A note on distance energy healing and clearing…

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