As we rest within our homes during this global pandemic, many have wondered, how much longer can this go on? What is going to happen? Where do we go from here?

One of the positives of this self-isolation is that it has activated a mass global awakening. Many people have glued their attention to uncover what the heck is going on to make sense of this experience. There are so many theories of what’s REALLY going on right now, and many medical doctors, PhD scientists and subject matter experts are coming out challenging the official mainstream media narrative and offering alternative theories.

What many are coming to realise is that what is going on right now is more about population control than health.

While I am not going to go into these alternative theories during this post, one thing that is blatantly slap-in-the-face obvious is that we – the citizens – have to reclaim our own power in EVERY aspect of our lives to move forward…otherwise, we risk being ‘dictated at’ by perceived external authorities that may have financial interests above human rights.

Energetically, we’ve hit a tipping point where the truth movement and spiritual-conscious evolution has taken a life of its own, thanks to the work many of us have done to commit to our mastery process and bring truth to the planet. However, there is still much to accomplish. Like when leaving any dysfunctional situation or person who relies on you as an energy source – there’s going to be resistance in an attempt to keep us controlled, and this is what we are seeing amplified on a global scale right now. It’s that typical narcissist – martyr/victim dynamic on steroids.

And while this dynamic is being fleshed out very publicly and may get worse before it gets better, we have to remain focused on creating the type of world we want to live. And for most of us, its creating joy, freedom, fulfillment, harmony, and loving, intimate, mutually respectful relationships.

So many are awake to what’s really going on, but the common question is, how do we change it from a place of self-isolation?

Right now, we focus on GRASSROOTS.

One. Step. At. A. Time.

Health and Wellness Education

Given this pandemic is health-related, this is essential. Many Ph.D. scientists, medical doctors, and naturopaths are coming out challenging the official narrative, explaining how the immune system really works and the nature of viruses in the human body, flaws in the current COVID19 testing protocol, and natural remedies that help boost the immune system that keeps getting suppressed by the mainstream media.

More than ever, holistic health practitioners and wellness-conscious enthusiasts alike, need to speak up about the mind, body and soul connections, even if it’s only to your immediate family and friends. We have been living with a polluted food chain for a very long time, not to mention the products we put on our body. Anyone who has the Chemical Maze App (or book) and meticulously scans through each product knows that over 80 per cent of products you buy in a typical supermarket contain some sort of toxic chemical.

This pandemic has undoubtedly been a wake-up call for those with compromised immune systems to examine health and lifestyle factors and to take an empowered, rather than a victim approach. I have always said that there is great power in perception. Saying, “I have diabetes,” is very different from saying, “I am diabetic.” The first implies a temporary state, whereas the latter implies a permanent condition.


These are everywhere! Facebook,, and websites that offer templated letters to email to your local elected representative. If there is an issue that animates you as #NotInMyWorld – LOBBY! 5G, mandatory vaccinations, micro-chipping, violation of freedom.

Advocacy also comes in the form of mindful spending. Are you supporting a mass-produced fast-consumerism conglomerate or a heart-centred authentic creator?

Power and Control Dynamics

Power and control dynamics are coming up for many right now. Where are you giving your power away (in all areas of your life)? Where are you guilting or shaming yourself out of obligation to meet someone else’s expectations…And essentially receiving peanuts/breadcrumbs in return? Like you have to beg for their attention/acceptance?

This dynamic can be hard to look at as it can bring up feelings of embarrassment and feeling foolish and gullible. That whole manipulating gas-lighting dynamic is really on the table right now. Little things matter. Respect your right to choose and establish healthy boundaries.

Bring in Light – Own Your Value

We have been told that we have to fear, struggle, and “obey.” Even be ashamed of ourselves for questioning the efficacy of the mainstream narrative. But when we walk outside, we experience something contradictory – the beauty, peace, and grace of nature. Today, I saw a Hawk hover above me. It was majestic, assured, and regal.

Bringing light means many things, but essentially – animating your soul essence to light up your own world, and by doing so, it reflects out to others, and it becomes contagious.

We animate our soul essence through doing and creating things we love, unapologetic self-expression, experiencing ourselves through nourishing and intimate relationships, and allowing ourselves to be present to experience grace and flow. Alignment is the essential ingredient because when we are in resonance with our Soul qualities, we become magnetic and amplify this presence out to the world.


Lastly, don’t be afraid to innovate. Create something completely new, left of centre or out of the box. Everyone is more open-minded than ever before, and it’s a great chance to test your creative skills.

Reclaiming Our Power – Grassroots Activation