In my work, I define different Soul groups as having their own set of traits and characteristics, beyond one’s personality, that weaves into a persons life experience.

Everyone is unique, and understanding your Soul groups unique qualities helps you make more aligned choices and creating efficiency and flow towards your goals and desires.

There are Soul groups who are natural visionaries and entrepreneurs, while others love structure and systems. There are Soul groups who love getting ‘their hands dirty’ by getting amongst it all, while others are natural born entertainers. Some Soul groups who thrive in a fast-paced environment, while others are best suited to work alone.

We are bombarded with so much information on so many ‘hows’ to lead a successful life and align with your Soul-inspired goals, but not everyone is the same! Often we become anxious and frustrated because we really struggle to do things a certain way, when in fact, it’s totally against your Soul group qualities!

My Soul group qualities includes visionary and entrepreneurship, and I have been always drawn to running my own business. However, setting up the foundational systems and structure has always created much frustration and anxiety for me when I have done it myself (I always wondered why I shallow breathed!). This behind-the-scenes work is not what I am designed to do and understanding this has highlighted the need for me to outsource process and systematic tasks to minimise my frustration and anxiety.

I’ve had clients who are natural entertainers, yet have always been criticised for being the centre of attention and have toned-down their presence. I’ve had others who love helping the underdog, yet have had external pressure to ‘work up the ladder’ in a corporate job that pays better. While there are Souls who naturally take things slowly are often judged as lazy or slack, yet we miss their gift as being amazing listeners and hold this beautiful space of non judgemental unconditional love for everyone.

We are all different and have our own unique Soul purpose and we should never judge people for being they way they are. Understanding your Soul group of origination gives you confirmation that it is absolutely okay to be uniquely YOU, and you can make choices to help better align with what you are striving to achieve.

Soul Groups – A Deeper Understanding
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