Do you balk at the idea of facing your dark side?

To access the full potential of your personal power is to acknowledge ALL aspects of yourself, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We all feel pretty comfortable acknowledging our good, and maybe some ‘bad’, but what about the ugly?

Not always a fun thing to do, but who says there has to always be heartache involved?

Let’s be realistic here, we ALL have a dark side! ALL OF US!!! And if you think you don’t, you are either lying, in denial, or not a human!

We all have negative thoughts, we all critically judge, we all have dysfunctional behaviours, and we all project our shadows aspects onto others.

Acknowledging this alone is a relief, because often we find ourselves feeling shame, guilty or weak for experiencing these.

There is absolutely nothing wrong having a ‘dark side’ either. It’s normal. However, where it starts to become pair-shaped is when we become attached to these thoughts or experiences, and if not dealt with appropriately, this energy grows, and shows up in our behaviour and via toxic projections onto others.

There are many reasons why we may become attached, including unresolved issues, lack of self-expression, inner conflict between your beliefs and programming, or even the brewing of something has been ignored that you don’t want to deal with.

If you do find yourself getting caught up in your own whirlpool of negativity, the good news is, there is an opportunity for growth at hand. This could be as minor as speaking your mind at the time of a challenging conversation, to uncovering and eliminating an unwanted conditioned behavioural pattern.

For example, as a former chronic ‘yes’ and ‘people pleaser’, I used to harbour so much resentment towards people who would take advantage of my time and generosity, not to mention feeling totally disempowered. However, once I become comfortable establishing both personal and professional boundaries, that all disappeared (along with those people who demanded it) and my life transformed, giving me so much more time, energy and inner peace.

Avoid the temptation of ignoring your ugly truth. It is there whether you acknowledge it or not. By acknowledging it, you are giving yourself the opportunity of a growth lesson, and to step up on your personal power.

The ugly truth is truly a gift!

The Gift of the Ugly Truth