We have reached a tipping point in humanity where we are about to witness the crumbling of an ancient system of power, prestige, and control to one of unconditional love, generosity, and balance.

For many of you, you have sensed this for a very long time, but the details of the illusions have been so intricate, it was hardly fathomable, even to the most dedicated truth seeker. However, because of the old structure of paradigms that have been set up and nurtured for centuries, we have unintentionally conditioned ourselves to be blind-sighted and to feel foolish if we even dare to question otherwise.

But this is about to change.

We have a choice.

And it starts with us.

Gone are the days of handing our power over to a perceived authority, whether its a President or Prime Minister, a guru, a celebrity, athlete, influencer, or public figure, even a parent, boss, or service practitioner/consultant.

Not only do we often distance ourselves from our power and create a sense of co-dependency, we set ourselves up for disappointment when these figureheads don’t live up to our expectations. And depending on how committed we are to our worship or dependance of these figure-heads, we may become blind-sighted by anything they do or say, whether its good for us or not.

We must become the authority of our OWN lives.

It all starts within; it always has.

We must learn to hone in and trust our inner guidance. These figure-heads are merely our guiding posts.

We must learn to cultivate an attitude of openness to truth in all of its forms, letting go of attachment of being right, and be willing to be wrong about what we already know at any given moment. This attitude alone can free up of the burden of this unrealistic idea of perfectionism that causes deep anxiety within many, and as we all know or have experienced…the things that trigger us the most are the beliefs we are clasping on to the hardest and most resistant to be shown a new perspective.

But what if I was to tell you that in these moments, you are on the verge of a breakthrough? A paradigm shift of your own life? That these Tower moments are your pathway to freedom, no matter how painful it might seem?

No-one likes to be blind-sighted or seen as a fool, but the paradox is that you have to embrace your inner fool to ultimately see the blessing and calls for a deeper level of self-acceptance to allow this to shift in your life and shape your experience. This is a productive application of Freewill and ultimately, creating an enriching and fulfilling life.

Otherwise, this gets projected outwards (often unconsciously), and instead of experiencing the pain of an inconvenient truth, we experience a lifetime and low-level angst and suppression, which of course, manifests in all sorts of ways (including physical and mental health concerns).

Mistakes require correction, that’s all — no need to become a negative Nancy on yourself.

We are seeing a paradigm shift in consciousness where we are shifting from operating from this dualistic nature that has us comparing everything and judging ourselves, to that of polarity – which seeks balance and harmony.

No matter what is going around you at any given moment, your point of power is within you. Do your research, be informed, be curious, and, more importantly, trust your gut…because ultimately, if something is “off” despite the outward presentation, or certain things don’t make logical sense…trust that – it’s your greater-self talking to you.

We are now working with universal energies that allow us to tap into MORE CLEARLY our “unseen” senses. This is expansion and CONSCIOUSNESS.

Many are too scared to show this side of themselves and hide behind the opinions of others…or they sit on the sidelines watching others that do embrace this, and sometimes – also observe these same people get trolled, ridiculed, and humiliated for putting out stuff that goes against out-dated paradigms while simultaneously sinking further into their fears.

Those putting themselves on the line – no matter how they “look,” are our beacons, and we must support them if their message, work, or gifts lights your heart or involves an inner calling. Honour their courage, even if its a ‘Like’ or ‘retweet’.

And most importantly, keep centred. Take a deep diaphragmatic breath and focus your attention on the NOW moment. It’s your only pint of power.

The Great Awakening – Why we must STOP putting people on a pedestal