How does the attitude of “Take me to my destination…I’ll buckle up and enjoy the ride,” sound?

Exciting? Scary? Or downright terrifying!?!?! ???

Yet…for many of you…especially those on the ascension path of ‘higher consciousness’ for quite some time now (say, > 5 years)…feel like they are navigating life without an instruction manual and maybe feeling a little uneasy.

The old ways of doing things no longer work, even things that did work when you first “awakened” do not work as effectively either…and you feel a lesser need to connect with so many “gurus” or experts of a subject matter – but at the same time, feel oddly dependant on them as reassurance – almost like a safety blanket.

This paradox is a phenomenon I see more and more where many are finding themselves between this sense of stuckness and the precipice of profound transformation. You might feel like you have one foot in your old world, and the other in the new world, but cannot seem to transition into this new world fully. Kind of like that moment you take the training wheels off your bike. What is happening is that you are transforming from the spiritual apprentice of “learning” to the spiritual master of “applying”.

There are many spiritually conscious people in this space right now, where they have been mulling around in this space for several years, and getting to a place of deeper detachment and surrender and getting comfortable with ‘not knowing’ and ‘playing with a blank canvas’ DESPITE what best practices or what spiritual or mastery experts say.

But why exactly is this happening? What are the mechanics behind this seemingly abstract concept I propose here that, on the one hand, sounds like spiritual fluff, but on the other hand, feels intuitively plausible?

Put simply; there is no instruction manual with higher consciousness as very few people on this planet exist in this state. It is a new paradigm and operating system that YOU get to experiment with.

With higher consciousness, we MUST master a level of spiritual maturity where we MUST embody congruency in our soul’s authentic self-expression.

(By the way, when I say ‘spiritual maturity’ – I don’t mean becoming a doormat or someone that never reacts anything…I am talking someone who has unleashed and OWNS who they are as a spiritual authority in their own right and knows how to embrace their gifts and navigates through all that life has to offer in an aligned and productive way!)

We can no longer depend on “gurus” or teachers to guide us (and this includes friends, spouses, parents, etc., whose opinions may heavily influence our choices), as this is the antithesis of our souls authentic self-expression.

Let me explain the mechanics.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I determine your Soul Vibration Rate (SVR), which is a measure of your quantum consciousness.

Those with a fifth-dimensional SVR have a spiritual awareness of themselves beyond their thoughts and feelings. In the early stages, people experience a sense of “awakening” and become curious about their divine nature, life and soul purpose, and the deeper meaning of life.

Fifth-dimensional consciousness is all about Information (and hence the phrase, the Information Age). As we progress through this phase, we find ourselves in constant cycles of attaining new and higher perspectives of life that has us constantly examining and questioning our belief systems, the way the world works, and always looking for new, innovative and efficient ways to reach our full potential and achieve our goals.

We seek masters, teachers, and experts, and we become insatiable consumers of information as we strive towards self-mastery that initially is luring and exciting!

I like to compare the progression through the fifth-dimensional SVR’s to the hero journey – because not only do we become mass consumers of information…we do have to look deep within ourselves, those crusty dysfunctional patterns and shadow aspects that lurk deep within our psyche…in the pursuit of life meaning, fulfilment, and inner peace.

And those of you who have been on this journey for a while know exactly how heavy this can get!

However, as your SVR rate progresses to the mid to late 5’s (by this time, you have purged A LOT of deep, traumatic, heavy, emotional stuff…), we start tapping into sixth-dimensional consciousness energies…which is all about anchoring and embodying pure vibrational states and owning your spiritual authority.

In other words, you have to dump your old operating system and learn a new one, and this freaks A LOT of people out!

Old ways of doing things don’t work, no matter how “expert” those you follow might be. It becomes more about alignment and CONGRUENCY, and you HAVE to honour your uniqueness and trust your inner guidance system, no matter what the “experts” say.

We all have a unique soul blueprint, and we have to learn to honour its qualities. You have to become more mindful whom you interact with to help highlight these qualities rather than contradict them!

(By the way, I’m not saying ditch all expert advice! Customise it according to your goals and your unique perspective. We still need people to guide, teach, and support us. The difference is that we aren’t dependant on them, nor are we handing our power to them. You certainly don’t need to follow dozens of people daily to get your inspiration “hit”, and you will naturally cull anyway.)

Sixth-dimensional consciousness is the Age of Wisdom. This is spiritual maturity. And you have to be very aligned and living into the qualities of your soul blueprint to a high degree (to the point of financial/life/health freedom) to progress to (and beyond) this point. And there are very few people on the planet operating in this state. Therefore, there are very few people who can teach us how to “be” in this realm!

But sooo many are on the precipice of that leap, but keep scrambling for the instruction manual, because inherently…we have that inbuilt mechanism called the ego – that activates the flight/fight mechanism in times of ‘uncertainty’ that keeps us safe.

(Love your ego by the way. Many in personal and spiritual development give the ego a bad wrap…but it is essential to our evolution, and there are strategies that you can implement to work productively with the ego and its primitive survival response during times of transition.)

Ultimately, it comes down to INNER TRUST. No expert can teach you this. It’s surrendering to your inner union with the divine, and ‘distractions’ in the form of seeking information for the need for ‘certainty’ may hinder the process.

It takes courage, discipline, and focus on living at higher SVR’s (especially from mid 5’s) and no amount of information gathering, healing, clearing work, or affirmations, etc. can help with this.

Unshakable faith, trusting your path, and taking guided action is the only way.

At some point, you have to take off the training wheels and embrace your new reality…you are the innovators of the new earth!

There IS no instruction manual!?!?!
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