If you are someone who is neck-deep in the global truther awakening movement – there are a lot of people feeling deflated and perhaps even doubtful after the US Election Inauguration on the 20th January. Many of you, for many years, have been following (or perhaps even “waiting”) for certain key dates, whether politics or perhaps celestial events and transits that promise to “change the world” – and the 20th seemed to be the finale – that final Jenga piece – that was supposed to collapse everything and bring in the new paradigm. While this is not a post about politics (or the anatomy of celestial events) or who’s “side” you are on, regardless of what happens next in this space – one thing became clear – WE ARE THE PLAN. 

One of the distorted cultural constructs I talk about in UnSpiritually Spiritual – Getting Real about the Great Awakening is this (often unconscious) notion of “being saved” by a “perceived external authority” – whether this be “god”, “the divine” or a leader – this affects EVERYONE, and this has put many people in passivity and compliance – often having them act against their better knowing while they “wait” for the right moment.

This has been particularly highlighted in 2020 when so many people across the world have put blind trust into government leaders (even when things didn’t add up) who are supposed to put the best interests of the people first – having us behave in ways that go against what we believe and suppressing our divine expression. It has also put many in passivity – having people do NOTHING because “god” the “divine” or a “leader” will sort to out. 

This is not living nor divine self-expression!

This past 12 months has also further polarised duality consciousness – “good versus evil”, “Biden versus Trump”, “vax versus anti-vax”, “masks versus anti-masks” – a propaganda-driven “divide and conquer” force that has had people pit against each other and distracting them what is REALLY going on behind the scenes – and that’s a SUPPRESSION of our spiritual power and independent sovereignty.

One of the dysfunctions of “higher consciousness” and the subsequent information age I talk about in UnSpiritually Spiritual – Getting Real about the Great Awakening is Analysis Paralysis. This is information consumption at the expense of implementation. There are so many people that are “awake” “spiritual” and insightful, but their everyday actions reflect suppression and restriction and often attempt to “correct” this with more information consumption. 

The quote, “knowledge is power” is outdated. Knowledge is useless without implementation. Applied knowledge is power, which creates Wisdom. Yet many have unintentionally disempowered themselves while thinking they are being productive and I am seeing this everywhere at the moment – keeping many sitting on the sidelines of life (or online) consuming consuming consuming. 

One of the best ways to address this is to look at the top three things that you are avoiding acting on or looking for a bypass.   

Almost always, libration comes from facing those inconvenient truths that take us out of our comfort zone – but it’s also in those moments that we experience ourselves – our creative and spiritual power – most abundantly.

WE are “The Plan”! – A LIBERATING Inconvenient Truth