Have you noticed how brutal you can be on yourself at times? Maybe even towards others (even if in the privacy of your own mind!).

Have you noticed that even with mindset and mindfulness practices, that self-righteous inner critic STILL creeps in with a barrage of thought-grenades with enough ammo to knock you off your course of action – maybe even cripple you – then, well, you stop forging ahead with what ever it was you were trying to create, whether pursuing a new job, career, or business; a health regime; more intimate relationships; or stepping completely into a new chapter of life!

Or, even if you do pursue with the course of action required to create the life you want, you are soooo consumed with the flurry or fear, angst, and terror that you feel within, your creation does not become enjoyable at all…and instead of feeling ecstatic once you create the outcome you want, you are more relieved that you no longer have to deal with those darks thoughts again, well, until the next thing.

And some of this might even be projected out onto others!

What if it doesn’t have to be this way?

What if creation was meant to be enjoyable? Unconditional? Fulfilling? Just because you wanted to create or experience something?

What if inner conflict was actually a spiritual conflict?

WHAT IF…up until now – these CURRENT TIMES – that we have been systematically taught to reject ourselves…that we have been programmed as a society to believe certain things that don’t really serve our best interests…and in fact, our thoughts have been hacked and distorted by people we trusted and we have unknowingly mastered weaponising thoughts on OURSELVES!?!?

Ponder that for a moment. Beliefs, illusions, idioms, cliches, archetypes, doctrines…are all contained and very defined thought forms that we “borrow” without much consideration…but are they true? Do they serve your life? Your personal self-expression in a way that is harmonising and fulfilling?

I wrote in a POST recently that there are a certain group of Souls – many in very powerful positions that dictate the narrative of our society – that choose NOT to create from divine source energy or ‘prana’ or ‘vital force energy’ (I’m talking about a force beyond the food we eat). Instead, they ‘distort’ what is already there from those who DO choose to access this force through energies such as fear, manipulation, victimisation, conflict and drama.

One very powerful way is to distort the mental field of human consciousness – our 4th dimensional aspect – to have us believe in ideas that lock us into certain behaviour patterns – ideas that we are “less than” unless we have a certain level of education, own a house, are in a committed relationship, and have children…have many of us chasing our tail and selling out our freewill for 10 hours a day for a ‘secure job’ to pay for that mortgage that we can’t really afford, or staying in a mundane relationship because it’s better than being “alone”, or keeping your opinions to yourself to ‘fit in’ (or be faced with someones else projections!).

Even many religions call us a ‘sinner’ when we step out of line of their doctrines, and many new age spiritual concepts labelling you as ‘less spiritual’ if you eat meat or drink alcohol…it gets a little crazy how locked into some of these things many are!

The other way our mental field has been distorted is this idea that anything beyond our five senses is not “real” – including this idea of an actual Soul (not just as a fuzzy concept) or infinite power beyond our mind and ego…and we have bought into this idea of conditionality for CENTURIES!

I know most of you are already tapped into this greater Soul aspect within you, but no doubt you still doubt some of it, even on a daily basis and particularly when interacting with people not connected to this inner bounty.

This is hard wired into us, no matter how much introspection you have done to understand it. Clue: Do you look at a photo on social media and don’t feel attractive enough? Or feel down when you see someone thriving in your line of work? Or rejected when you don’t get as many “likes” on social media? Or feel a pang of sadness when a friend gets engaged? Or feel like a failure when a relationship breaks down (even if it was ridiculously toxic?)

Ahhh…the matrix, can we EVER unplug from it?


It starts with YOU and where you put your attention and learning to harmonise ALL aspects of you to work together.

We are innately loving, compassionate, intimate, abundant beings…we may tap into this UNCONDITIONALLY at any moment.

Thoughts are very powerful and influence our action. While action always creates the biggest vibrational shifts, weaponising thoughts can certainly stop you from taking action, and instead, marinate in your mind and energy field which gets re-triggered every time a similar ‘event’ arises.

Examine your beliefs. Start with day-to-day stuff. Pick the first three that come to mind and ask, is this true? Are they helpful or harmful? Do they reflect my hearts desires and authentic self-expression?

However, what is more powerful is consciously accessing divine source energy from the perspective of your higher-mind – your ‘Soul self’ – which has information containing your INFINITE POTENTIAL as an abundant creator in this human experience.

Do you listen to your intuition or inner guidance? Is there anything that has been bugging me for years that I have ignored or not acted on because it conflicts with what I ‘know’ (i.e. belief systems and intellect).

Are there any concepts, ideas, or new trains of thought that have ABSOLUTELY TRIGGERED ME that I have completely rejected without even looking properly into? (Whoa!!! If you follow this through, you might just get a golden nugget!)

For example, did you know you can heal BY YOURSELF from almost anything by tapping into your own innate source? (You don’t have to look very far to see examples of people experiencing spontaneous remission from ‘incurable’ conditions.)

THAT is powerful, and you know it intuitively to, but there is a part of you that wants to doubt or argue with it because of these distorted mental paradigms. Why do you think that those in power who distort to keep us enslaved want to hide this from us? Because they know how powerful humanity can become, which has their reality as they know it cease to exist.

I certainly know which I prefer.

Overall, the solution is pretty simple. Learn to access more of your light, in other words, honing in and expressing the qualities of your own Soul blueprint to create the abundant and fulfilling life you want – UNCONDITIONALLY!

It’s only been in recent times that these mind distortions have become more obvious because people are waking up to their infinite selves, so releasing them will become much easier now than it did even 5 years ago.

You can examine these in your day to day experience, or if you are impatient like me, you may uncover these within your Soul blueprint or with any type of healing or clearing consultation.

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Weaponising Thoughts – Unplug from the Matrix