While your soul blueprint contains wonderful vibrational qualities with which you are designed to thrive, it also contains an overlay – Distortions.

Distort — to alter the original to give a false or unnatural state.

While a positive choice is one that affirms your soul vibrational qualities, a distortion is the karmic result of a “negative” choice that creates separation from your soul vibrational qualities.

Distortions “restrict” your access to divine source energy and create lack and struggle. Because everyone has unique soul vibrational qualities, the right choice for one person might not be right for another. This is why you might not be getting results, despite following “best practices” or what experts recommend.

There are three main ways that “negating” choices create distortions: negative karmic patterns, dysfunctions, and misalignments.

Negative karmic patterns are unresolved (often unconscious) agreements with others and “engrained” patterns of choice that are reflected as energetic disturbances within your soul blueprint. You buy into these agreements and choices out of fear of survival or perception of gain, and there’s already a pre-existing energetic resonance. These feel permanent and “normal” because they are maintained through repeated behaviours and choices. They block, restrict, or cause “leaks” to your access to divine source energy, which impacts your mental, emotional and physical aspect.

Negative karmic patterns sit outside of your conscious awareness as “blindspots”, but you might be aware “something” is there because you experience illogical behaviours that don’t make sense or repeating experiences that you can’t seem to shift. These are addressed by identifying the original choice that set these patterns in motion so that you can course-correct. Energy healing and clearing enhances this process because it “clears” the energetic root cause and restores your soul blueprint to its original state. This creates the space to make new, aligned choices to shift your circumstances.

Dysfunctions are the “negative” polarity of your soul vibrational qualities that are thwarting your progress. Dysfunctions are part of who you are, so you cannot get rid of them. Instead, you correct them by recognising them in your experience, addressing choices and behaviours that created them, and redirecting your focus to your soul vibrational qualities.

Misalignments are actions and behaviours that are not tapping into your soul vibrational qualities at all, creating struggle and making things harder than they need to be. For example, with the boom of digital technology, and the transformation, healing, and coaching industries, many people have started running their business online. However, some people are designed to thrive with physical interaction and being in front of an audience, so an online business may not work as well for them.

Obviously you have to know who you are at soul level to know when you are operating from your dysfunctional aspect or if your actions are misaligned. Identifying and addressing negative karmic patterns require a deep dive into your soul blueprint to pin point the root cause to save you years trying to figure it out ad-hoc.