What is the soul blueprint?

The soul blueprint is your “quantum” self beyond your mind, intellect and ego. It contains your unique “code” of how you are designed to THRIVE most efficiently and abundantly in your physical experience.

Each soul blueprint contains three main aspects: soul vibrational qualities, soul inheritance, and soul distortions.

Your soul blueprint contains specific soul vibrational qualities relating to how your soul was created by the “creator” (“god”, “divine” or which ever term you prefer to use) at the time of origination. These soul vibrational qualities are your unique building blocks to access divine source energy through aligned actions and behaviours that helps you thrive in your physical experience because you are in “resonance”.

Your soul blueprint also contains overlays that further make it unique.

Soul inheritance are skills mastered in previous lifetimes that you have “remembered” during this lifetime or are “dormant”.

Soul distortions “restrict” your access to divine source energy and create lack and struggle.

Because everyone has unique soul vibrational qualities, the right choice for one person might not be right for another. This is also why you might be flat-out getting nowhere despite diligently following “best practices” or what experts recommend.

Most people are out of alignment in some way and are experiencing lack or struggle in at least one life area. Even persistent health issues or being “time poor” – regardless of your income – is LACK.