The past 18 months have been tricky for many people as freedoms and human rights have been slowly stripped away. This has obviously affected the self-expression of many of you, and many people are feeling a build-up of suppressed emotions, thoughts, and, let’s be honest, soul-inspired self-expression.
Most people make most of their choices based on two things: fear for their safety or for perceived gain. The problem is that both scenarios are largely reactive and are “other” dependant and can have you making choices that go against your soul vibrational qualities.
Souls are oriented to access “life force” in two main ways. Either vital force energy via divine source, or a more “temporary” and less potent equivalent via other people. Most souls access most of their energetic resources via other people through their interactions and self-image. The problem is that we have to maintain certain dynamics with others and project a certain type of public image to ensure that we get our life force needs to be met – and it can get exhausting! 
On the other hand, accessing vital force energy via the “divine” by reflecting your soul vibrational qualities gives you access to an infinite supply of energetic resources independent of others.  
When we make choices that are incongruent to our true self-expression, we experience a lot of inner conflict that often leads us to more incongruent choices, leading to a vicious circle of incongruent choices. As a result, we become at odds with ourselves, but most often, because humans are innately resilient, we find a way to tolerate our choices through justification, turning a blind eye, escapism (including hyper-focus on energy healing tools), and in extreme cases, denial. This is where we can feel stuck (in at least one area of your life).
But what if facing fears isn’t as bad as you might have perceived? 
Sure, doing so might create a little short-term upheaval and have you stepping out of your comfort zone as your own independent authority – which is NORMAL for any change, transition or transformational experience – but when you get to the other side, you access more of “you”, your vitality and your creative power!
The only way to face your fears is to examine them and face them head-on. Not only that, it’s important to understand that whatever you are fearing – someone else has figured out a way to overcome it – so there is always support!
For the past 18 months, a great example is the advocacy human rights warriors who have (at least here in Australia) broken down law and legislation to empower citizens to stand up to their rights against unlawful “directives” that violate basic human rights. It’s truly grassroots level advocacy that has empowered people to realise that they are sovereign in their own right and have the power.
With consciousness constantly expanding, we are at a point in human evolution where we have the opportunity to access more of this vital force energy via our soul vibrational qualities in a way that is GROUNDED and reflected in your physical experience. It’s a new operating system that is a game-changer for those ready to take charge of their independent sovereignty and turn their “expanded consciousness” into an abundant physical experience.

The more people who take charge and access vital force energy, the more we “starve” this old operating system that has kept humanity in a perpetual state of lack, limitation and survival. These systems can only exist if we give them power over us.

The thing is, fear is always valid – it’s our survival response from a perceived threat. Often we try to bypass fear, but all we have to do is examine it logically to arrive at the best solution to move forward. Most of the time, we tap into underlying creativity that was waiting to be unlocked!

What is Triggering your Fears?
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