A bit about my professional background…

I have always had an insatiable thirst for understanding the human condition and have a lifelong professional background in coaching and consulting.

I studied psychophysiology and psychology as my co-majors in my Bachelor of Applied Science, followed by a Postgraduate Degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences – I worked as an exercise physiologist, enhancing health, wellness and physical performance for over 18 years. And not long after I embarked on my “spiritual journey” during 2008, I completed a Master of Arts with majors in media and communications.

While I’ve always been a seeker at heart, I had always felt reluctant to explore the “spiritual path” because of concerns with delusions, dogma and stereotypes. However, during 2008, while I had created my “perfect life on paper”, I realised I couldn’t keep going on as I had been.

I had reached a tipping point where I realised the life that I worked so hard to create was an illusion. Not everything was as it seemed. In fact, I had been tolerating and turning a blind eye for many things considered “normal” but weren’t actually congruent for me.

I no longer had an intimate connection with many of my long-term friends. My profession no longer fuelled me, and many conversations bored me. And I was crippled with anxiety because I did not want to go through an existential crisis when everything on the outside looked “great”, especially because most of the people in my life were successful, ambitious professionals, super healthy, or high-performance athletes. I didn’t want to be the “failure” that “went weird”.

But I realised that life took A LOT of effort and struggle to create and maintain – it was not sustainable long-term. In fact, I experienced burn-out, and I knew I had to make significant changes to create that sense of inner peace, stability and wholeness – something I realised was lacking despite my outer “success”.

Further, I was also experiencing “gifts” emerging that I didn’t understand, namely energetic sensitivity and visionary insights. While I have always felt tapped into the non-local field and had an uncanny sense of knowingness – I knew it was time to hone in explore these further.

That’s when I made the decision to dive deep into the “spiritual path”, to the point I became certified in three energy healing modalities, Reiki (master), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Soul Realignment (master practitioner).


While this “journey” led me to some amazing experiences, at the same time, I was unintentionally disempowering myself with some popularised spiritual practices and ideologies.

In fact, after several years, I came to understand that I had participated in several dysfunctional aspects of spirituality, mastery, and “ascension” that are inherent to becoming “higher consciousness”.

And I have witnessed this in so many others, especially since the COVID19 lockdowns, where many are now exploring the nature of spirituality, ascension, and “the great awakening”. I even wrote a book about it! (UnSpiritually Spiritual – Getting Real about the Great Awakening)

My mission is two-fold:

To help people become anchored in their spiritual power through grounded soul mastery that is liberating and EXPANSIVE.

To flush out the distortions, delusions, stereotypes, and misinterpretations of spirituality – to help people recognise and navigate the inherent pitfalls of spirituality and “higher consciousness” that are largely ignored.

In short, I don’t want anyone wasting time feeling like they are “flailing around in the dark” on their spiritual journey due to vague concepts, outdated beliefs, fantastical ideologies, or distorted spiritual paradigms.

Nor do I want people reluctant to explore their “spiritual self” because of said distortions or stereotypes because WE HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL AHEAD OF US – and there is a grounded and practical approach to “mastery” that is much more dynamic and liberating.

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You don’t need to lose yourself to some type of god-force, do countless hours of meditation or become some type of zen-master to be more “spiritual” or “evolved” – this paradigm is outdated.

Reframing “spirituality” to soul mastery to embody one’s unique sacred sovereignty more accurately reflects the mechanics of the potential of human evolution that reflects the current times.

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