Soul Mastery Mentor | Author

Have you been trying to fit in to this distorted world without compromising yourself? And by doing so, rationalising – perhaps even tolerating – situations, circumstances, and relationship dynamics that deep down you KNOW aren’t serving you and don’t make sense?

We are awakening and this old paradigm that has kept us locked into lack, struggle, compromise, and obligation for centuries is shifting and we are now at the precipice of a major positive global shift…and it all starts with reclaiming your divine sovereignty – that limitless powerful force beyond your ego, mind, and personality.

I help people create a life of flow, fulfilment and unapologetic guilt-free self-expression through teaching them how to master their unique Soul blueprint.

We are not here to struggle, be time-poor, or feel burdened for living life according (or rebelling!) societal ‘norms’.

We are here to create our own unique playground and experience the fullness of life…yet many of us feel like we are at school on a relentless cycle of ‘lessons’, or maybe even on a battleground…no matter our level of success!

What many of us have forgotten is that love, harmony, joy, and abundance are our natural order and our absolute birthright!

Your time is precious and I am all about efficiency and helping you reach your goals via the path of least resistance.

We all seek that harmonious balance between career, social life, romantic relationships, family, wellbeing, and self-care – in a way that is uniquely satisfying and provides a sense of freedom, liberation, and most importantly…Guilt-Free!

Less is more.

We all have a Soul blueprint which is your unique “code” of how to live most abundantly, yet most people are misaligned. There’s a reason less than 10 per cent of New Year’s Resolutions are reached!

Consider your Soul blueprint as your personal code for the path of least resistance.

A bit about my professional background…

Make no mistake, I am a consciousness geek!

Ever since I can remember, I have had an insatiable appetite for learning about how humans work…physically, mentally, emotionally, and delving into the depths of the psyche!

I completed an undergraduate science degree co-majoring in psychology and psychophysiology, a postgraduate degree in sports and exercise science (and spent over 15 years working as an exercise physiologist within corporate health, injury management, and high-performance sport), and a masters degree in media and communications – all of which morphed into something deeper…

Metaphysical studies! How energy works, universal laws, quantum healing, and how our multidimensional existence actually works and HOW to apply this most efficiently!

I am a Master level quantum energy healer trained specifically to access your Soul blueprint to obtain specific information about your unique talents and gifts and HOW you are designed to create the results you want most efficiently. I also identify and ‘clear’ negative karmic patterns that are holding you back to help expand your field of perception and conscious awareness and re-align you to your pure potential.

I use a solid framework to teach people how to master their own Soul blueprint and how to incorporate this into attaining their goals and creating efficiency and flow in their lives.

I consult privately and speak at seminars and workshops.

I am also a published fiction author of The Gift (currently being revised – stay tuned for the re-launch), with its sequel, Human Evolution, in progress.

If you would like to work with me, I invite you to check out my SERVICES.