Soul Mastery | Author

A bit about my professional background…

Make no mistake, I am a consciousness geek!

Ever since I can remember, I have had an insatiable appetite for learning about how humans work…physically, mentally, emotionally, and delving into the depths of the psyche!

I completed an undergraduate science degree co-majoring in psychology and psychophysiology, a postgraduate degree in sports and exercise science (and spent over 15 years working as an exercise physiologist within corporate health, injury management, and high-performance sport), and a masters degree in media and communications – all of which morphed into something deeper…

Understanding our quantum nature!

How energy works, universal laws, quantum healing, and how our multidimensional existence actually works and HOW to apply this most efficiently!

I am a Master level quantum energy healer trained specifically to access your Soul blueprint to obtain specific information about your unique talents and gifts and HOW you are designed to create the results you want most efficiently.

My latest book, UnSpiritually Spiritual – Getting Real about the Great Awakening is now available on Kobo (eBook) and Paperback. You may preview the first two chapters HERE.

I am also a published fiction author of The Gift (currently being revised – stay tuned for the re-launch), with its sequel, Human Evolution, in progress.

If you would like to enquire about consultancy, speaking engagements, workshops (online or in-person), or any relevant project-related work, please reach out via CONTACT.