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I help people navigate their blindspots and realign to their highest potential through soul blueprint mastery.

Your Soul blueprint is your quantum layer beyond your mind and ego that receives vital force energy from divine source. When you align with your Soul blueprint qualities, you create flow, fulfilment and abundance in your life.

We accumulate negative karmic patterns that block and restrict this flow via agreements with other people that separate us from our Soul’s divine qualities. Day to day, this might look like lack, struggle or restriction in at least one area of your life.

You might be struggling with a chronic or ongoing health condition. Or cannot seem to get past a certain income or career level. Or perhaps you do have a successful career and earn good money, but only ever just have enough, or are time poor because you have to work long hours. Perhaps your relationships are challenging, and you feel like you are either compromising yourself or constantly butting heads with your partner or family. The list goes on!

Many negative karmic patterns originate in a past life and remain ‘unresolved.’ They are playing out (unconsciously) like a broken record player and can be maddening because you see it in your experience as repeating patterns. Why do I keep attracting this experience? You might ask yourself, despite your efforts to resolve.

I am Master-level trained to work with the Soul blueprint. I obtain specific information about your unique talents and gifts and HOW you are designed to create the results you want most efficiently. I also identify negative karmic patterns that are currently acting as blindspots and keeping you from achieving your goals. I energetically CLEAR these negative karmic patterns within your Soul blueprint, which expands your field of perception and conscious awareness, enabling new pathways of possibility to enter your life.

This is deep transformation and self-mastery work that packs a punch!

This work is for those committed to their self-mastery and looking for new and innovative ways to understand their personal experience and get the most out of themselves, no matter what their goal or what is going on in their lives.

I offer 1:1 consultations and short-term packages. My consultations are conducted via phone (Australia only) or Zoom and I have clients Internationally.

Please email for further information.

I am also available for ongoing consultancy, speaking engagements and workshops, both online and in-person, and are available to travel, both within Australia and Internationally.

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